Change Trash to CASH

Are you ready to convert your waste plastic to cash?

Join our #TrashEvolution game waitlist today and you could end up with up to $50 for trash that would’ve brought you nothing.

Who Can Win?

Anyone who: 

  • Uses and disposes plastic bottles & sachets
  • Resides any of our gaming locations
  • See plastic waste in their environment and wish to earn from it.

How to earn the prize


Secure It

Preserve all the waste plastic bottles & sachets you come across this month.

And you could go home with $50.


Return It

Use the code EVOLVE  to return your plastic waste to any of our listed partners around you.

Why not return it for $50?


Win it

Yes, you can. Your activity and environmental impact will speak for you.

$50 is within your reach.

There's More

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Token Airdrop

Joining the #TrashEvolution waitlist makes you a part of our community... This means that you are eligible to be selected for our utility-token airdrops because you are a member of our club - just stay active.

NFT Whitelist

By joining the #TrashEvolution waitlist today, aside from being able to win the up to $50 with your trash, you increase your chance of getting our NFT before it goes public. Limited. Real-world utilities. Anchored assets.

Go big on green.

Become an evolver today.

Join our club of eco-evangelists and get in line to make the best of our growing ecosystem of profitable evolvers as we fix the environment and make the most of trash.

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